The Association

BOARD of directors
President Eliane RIGAUX
Vice president Suzette MERLHIOT
Treasurer Emmanuelle JEAN
Assistant Treasurer Sandrine SERRE
Secretary Patricia VIGNOLLE
Assistant Secretary Arielle LARONZE

The other members of the Board

Sylvie JOUBERT (management of free cats in Ribéracois), Gillian LE SOLLEU (volunteer commission), Karine DAURIAC (animal abuse investigation manager), Marie Cécile BAIYE, Patricia CYPRIEN et Pascal SCHWEDERLE.


The Staff

3 employees are responsible for the reception, administrative monitoring and documentation of the animals as well as coaching of the maintenance personnel. 

1 person is responsible for the care

1 person is responsible for the labour

2 people
are employed to maintain the kennels.



The volunteers help at the kennels, investigate abuse, follow up on adopted animals...


Recognised as a public utility by the Association Law of 1901 

Association No. 300733, registered on 06/01/1930 at the Prefecture of the Dordogne under the name: Society for the Protection of Animals and Périgueux Dordogne.

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