Identification is required


What is meant by identification?


Identification is a way to give a unique reference number to an animal, which is valid throughout its entire life. This code is carried by means of a microchip which has 15 digits, or a tattoo with a series of 7 digits and letters.


The microchip


A microchip the size of a grain of rice is placed just under the skin in the left jugular groove, at the base of the neck of your animal. This procedure is quick, painless and requires no anaesthesia.


The advantages of microchipping

  • The location at the base of the neck makes the chip easy detectable;
  • The chip does not deteriorate with time, its contents will always be legible;
  • Inserting a chip is painless, harmless, needs no anaesthesia and is performed by your veterinarian;
  • All veterinarians, refuges, animal wardens, police, fire brigade and some breeders have scanners to check the identification code of your animal. 
  • The chip cannot be tampered with.


Identification is required

  • For all dogs aged 4 months and over, but we advise you to have it done earlier;
  • For all dogs, cats and ferrets in transfer, for sale or to be gifted;


Why identify your pet


A door not properly closed, an opening in the garden fence, a lead slipped from your hand, an injured animal who can’t return on its own four legs:  your escaped pet might not find its way home and consequently wander the public roads. Your animal can’t talk, so how will you ever retrieve it?

Only identification makes it possible for you to find your pet.

If it can’t be identified by a veterinarian and they can’t get in touch with you, your animal will be considered as an errant and placed into a refuge. It will risk being euthanized. Without identification you may have condemned him or her! Should you really take the risk?

An identified animal is a protected animal!

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