How you can help



  • By volunteering your time and becoming part of the team.
  • By helping to make the SPA known to a wider public.
  • By finding new members.
  • By helping to find patrons or sponsors.

Through donating whatever amount you can afford during your lifetime, or by will in a partial or total bequest.

The more of us there are, the better we can defend the animal cause.

In 2004 our association had over 270 members. We hope that you will join us one day.

We need you.

Even though municipalities pay a set amount according to the kennel conventions, these resources don’t provide sufficient means to properly care for our four-legged friends. Your help is much needed. And, as the SPA of Marsac is a recognized charity, you could bequeath a part (or all) of your estate in a will lodged with a solicitor. Only with your help we can continue our work in the future.

They need us, but they need YOU even more!

Please find below  (at 'pièces jointes') a membership form. It is in French, but if you find it difficult to complete; every first Thursday afternoon of the month there will be an English speaker on the premises who can assist you.


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