Become a foster family

 You would like to become a Foster family but you don’t know what it involves!Foster families are particularly needed for animals that need to get out of the refuge environment. (Animals needing to be socialized, needing special care, elderly or badly stressed animals)


  • Depending on your lifestyle, the SPA will entrust you with an animal that will fit in with your needs.
  • Fostering allows an animal to live in a family environment while waiting for its definitive forever home. It allows us to know the animal better, it’s character, and particular needs, likes & dislikes etc. It also helps improve it’s education before being adopted.
  • It is of course obvious that the Foster family will provide a stable environment.

To become a Foster family is a responsible commitment, just like adoption it needs to be well thought through.


The Perigueux SPA will pay vet fees, particularly vaccinations within reasonable limits. Before taking the animal for vetenary treatment you must contact the SPA (obviously this doesn’t apply for emergencies)

The foster family is responsible for the feeding costs (unless the animal is on a special diet) but you can receive a fiscal receipt for these costs under certain conditions.

How long will it last ?

The duration of the contract with the Foster family differs depending on each case.

If the family decide to adopt the animal, an adoption contract needs to be signed.

If you are interested in becoming a Foster family, please don’t hesitate to contact us or come & meet us so we can discuss together which animal would be best adapted to you.

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