You have lost your pet


Contact us then on  05 53 04 16 54


If the animal is tattooed, you should also contact:


If you've just lost your pet (dog, cat, ferret ...), act quickly.

If your pet is with us for less than 8 working days, you can retrieve it under certain conditions:

  • If your animal has already an identification (by microchip and /or legible tattoo) you can collect it at the SPA. Please bring a valid ID, your pet’s tattoo card, as well as the means to pay the fees for their stay with us.
  • If your pet has is no identification, we will ask you to pay the costs of identifying it as is required (see paragraph "identification is required"), as well as the lodging fees. Furthermore you’ll need to convince us that it is your pet.

If your pet is with us for more than 8 days, we will demand proof that it is indeed your pet.

Contact us and we will tell you if your animal has arrived at the SPA. If not, we take the most accurate description of your pet (name, breed, height, sex, color, age, place and date of loss, identification number, presence or absence of collar ...) and your contact information (name, first name, telephone number).

If we don’t have your animal, you can place an advert on this site with a photograph, the description of the animal and the geographic location where you might have lost it. For this service we will require a modest fee of 10 euro’s.

Furthermore, you are advised to report the disappearance to the local authorities (Mairie) of the area where your pet disappeared, other neighbouring town halls, the local gendarmerie and veterinarians. Someone might have seen or recovered your pet and reported it as a stray. You can also distribute and put up posters in local shops. 

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