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The site spa-perigueux.org and all its contents are owned by the SPA of Perigueux, whose headquarters are at “Le Sault du chevalier” in Marsac sur l'Isle 24430 - Tel: 05 53 04 16 54 Use of this site constitutes your unreserved acceptance of the terms and conditions defined below. If you do not agree to these terms, please exit this page and any other pages of the site spa-perigueux.org. The SPA of Périgueux reserves the right to modify the contents at any time. Therefore you are advised to check them regularly for changes.

Technical service

Design, development of the website spa-perigueux.org is in hands of Jerome Legendre,  Rue Du Chêne Vert, Le Lac Est - 24750 Champcevinel – Tel; 06 87 93 51 29 - http://legendre-production.fr


Agency : Mantalo Conseil (Marque de la SAS CARTEVOEUX.COM)
RCS : Périgueux 820 750 669
Siège social : Zone artisanale de Borie Marty - Créavallée Sud - 24660 NOTRE DAME DE SANILHAC
L'agence Mantalo Conseil utilise les services et l'infrastructure de la SARL ALWAYSDATA - RCS : 492 893 490 - Siège social : 62 rue Tiquetonne, 75002 Paris.

Director of publication

The director of publication of the site spa-perigueux.org is Eliane Rigaux.

Terms of Use

Commitments spa-perigueux.org

The contents of the site appreciate the laws in force; including the law on freedom of press as in that no writing, picture or sound of an insulting, racist or dogmatic character will be posted; In accordance with Article 227 - 24 of the criminal code on the protection of minors, any message that is violent, pornographic or seriously undermining human dignity, and that could be seen or perceived by a minor, will not be posted. No reproduction of a trademark without the consent of its author, its assign or its owner, will be put online. In accordance with the law LCEN, dated the 22nd of June 2004, a right of reply is open to any person named or designated on the site. The request must be made to the director of publication, at the latest within three months from publication and with justification. The insertion of the reply is free and will be posted within three days of receipt of the request, but cannot exceed more than two hundred lines.

Law on informatics, files, freedom and protection of personal data

Users of the site spa-périgueux.org are required to comply with the law on informatics, files and freedom, of which violation is punishable by law. They must refrain from collecting, diverting or using any personal information they obtain of, or to infringe the privacy or reputation of individuals.

Limitation of Liability

The SPA of Périgueux will in no circumstances be held liable for any direct and/or indirect damage through the use made by the user of the site and/or any information contained therein. Also, the site spa-perigueux.org may refer to other websites via hyperlinks, which have been approved by their recipients; The SPA of Périgueux will in no case be responsible for the content of these sites.

Right to access, modify, rectify and delete data

Users have a right to access, modify, rectify and delete data that will concern them, according to the articles 39 and 40 of the act of 6 January 1978 amended by law on 6 August 2004. To do so, you can contact the SPA of Périgueux directly.

Messages sent over the Internet can be intercepted.

Do not disclose sensitive personal information. If you wish to communicate sensitive information, you should send us a letter by post.

Intellectual property - exclusive rights - copyright

The contents of this site are protected by French and international legislation on copyright and intellectual property. The SPA of Périgueux reserves all property and moral rights relating to the documents on this site. Thus, all copyrights, electronic or on paper, are reserved, including downloadable documents and iconographic and/or photographs. Users of the website spa-perigueux.org are prohibited to collect, capture, deform, or use the information available to them. The SPA of Périgueux will prosecute any attempt to misuse the site documentation and/or all counterfeit.

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