Join and become a member of the SPA of Périgueux

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To become a member

Do you want to support the Perigueux SPA but you don’t have the time to volunteer? You can’t adopt an animal? Then become a member!

This consists of helping us financially. Membership fees & donations are our survival. It allows us to treat the animals (vet fees for operations, vaccinations etc.) It goes towards the cost of feeding (60kg of kibble a day!) and all the other expenses of the refuge. (Salaries, maintenance costs etc.)

As a member you can attend the annual general meeting which takes place once a year, you can ask questions, see the yearly results, how the refuge is evolving etc.

There is an annual membership fee. (20€ for the year 2016)

Sponsoring animals

Since 2014 you can sponsor an animal (dog or cat) This consists of a monthly or three monthly bank transfer of a donation however small or large you want, this money will be used to buy food, toys, bedding & blankets, pay for the cost of medical treatments etc

Give a donation

You can send donations by post as cheque or cash, or you can make a donation using the Paypal button on our site.

PS: Please note that 66% of any donation can be deducted from your taxes. (Up to a limit of 20% of your taxable income) 

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