Students of the Maison Familiale Rurale de Périgueux welcomed at the SPA

A group of students & their teacher came to the SPA to discuss the results of their actions that they chose as part of their training for the bac pro " To mobilise & organise actions in partenership with an association of their choice" For the group it was their love of animals & their anger at the cruelty & abandon of animals that brought them to us. Knowing that we are completely commited to the rescue of animals.

Their actions were orientated towards:

The sale of calanders around Christmas time - the sale of promotionel keyrings - leaving collection boxes with various shopkeepers & being involved in an animal food collection drive. (750kg collected)

We thank these students for their enthusiasm & their enterprising spirit. We would also like to thank the supermarket Leclerc at Clos Chassaing & the public the were so generous.


remise des tirelires au trésorier
accueil des élèves

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