Survive to live a better life

Thursday 26th May the Perigueux SPA intervened to rescue 10 hunting dogs  in the municipality of Chantérac (6 of them were brought to the Perigueux refuge)

Their living conditions & physical states were appalling. Filthy water, faeces all over the place, leaking kennels. The dogs were very thin, just skin on bone. Of the 6 that we received at Periguex, 3 have gone to another refuge. Of the 3 dogs that are with us, one is under treatment for pressure sores & bite wounds. They will all be up for adoption once their condition has improved.

If you are interested in adopting one, call the secretary on 05 53 04 16 54, or 07 68 60 30 45

If you can't adopt, maybe can you help us financially by giving something towards the vets bills.

Thank you for your help & support.

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